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November 2019 Status Update

Nov 6, 2019 Mike-EEE 4 min read
Categories: etc
Alright! There is a lot to cover here, so let’s get started. The DragonSpark Framework What has brought me to this current status? Well, it all started when I had a framework that I was working on known as The DragonSpark Framework. It had active development until late 2016. At this time I took interest in assisting in another repository, the ExtendedXmlSerializer v2. ExtendedXmlSerializer v2 Building ExtendedXmlSerializer was my first foray into open source software collaboration, and I learned a lot from it. Continue reading

Hello World!

Nov 5, 2019 Mike-EEE 3 min read
Hello world! What is happenin’?! I’m very happy to introduce my latest project and idea: The DragonSpark Blog, Dawg! Written with Hugo and utilizing the Bilberry Theme. Well, to be sure, the blog isn’t the idea, but it will be used to tell you about it in the next few rounds (and probably more 😇) of development. So What’s Up? I’ve had what you can say is an epiphany of sorts with my general direction in life. Continue reading
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